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MCG Tour Melbourne: An Absolute Must-Do!

Race into the world of Australian sports heritage on a Melbourne Cricket Ground tour coupled with a visit to the Australian Sports Museum

Guided tours of the historic MCG, available seven days a week, will have you reliving all those memorable sporting events that have shaped the nation’s sporting legacy. 

On a visit with my in-laws, our MCG tour Melbourne experience was an absolute delight, mixing fascinating stories with impressive sights. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or just curious, the MCG tour is a must-do. Read on for our MCG Tour review.

Our mcg tour review, walking through the stands
Heading down to the grounds on our MCG Tour

Melbourne Cricket Ground Tour

The Melbourne Cricket Ground tour, a 75-minute guided experience, takes you behind the scenes of this legendary stadium. From the famous MCC Long Room to the player change rooms, every corner of the MCG has a story to tell.

This iconic stadium, affectionately known as “The G,” has been the heart of Australian sport since 1853. 

As you walk along the boundary line and explore the Cricket Victoria Bill Lawry Centre, you’ll realise the magnitude of the sporting events that have unfolded within these walls. 

In the Long Room, we loved the nostalgic feel, reminiscing about matches. Imagine the sporting legends who’ve walked these halls! The walls are lined with portraits of cricket greats, and the décor feels like a step back in time.

Walking through the players’ changing rooms was a surreal experience. The thought of sports stars gearing up in these very rooms added a sense of magic. Our guide pointed out the plaques above each locker, honouring past and present players. It was fascinating to see the blend of history and modernity, with high-tech facilities set amidst traditional décor.

The MCG Tapestry, the Ron Casey Media Centre, and the portraits of cricketing legends like Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar add to the highlights of the tour.

Then there’s the MCC Library, founded in 1873, filled with historical artefacts that offer a glimpse into the past. 

Inside the media centre on our mcg tour Melbourne
Seeing where commentators and journalists work gave us a new appreciation for the effort behind every broadcast.

Melbourne Cricket Ground Tour

The sheer size of the MCG is awe-inspiring. Every detail is designed for the ultimate spectator experience.

As you soak in the heritage and atmosphere of the MCG, you’ll realise why it holds a special place in the hearts of Melburnians.

Interestingly, we were most fascinated by getting a firsthand look at an average workday at the stadium. While we’re used to the excitement of game days, seeing the behind-the-scenes efforts was eye-opening. From the groundskeepers’ immaculate attention to detail to the cleaners’ equally meticulous efforts, every aspect of the MCG is maintained with incredible care.

MCG Tours depart regularly between 10 am and 3 pm from Gate 3, offering you the flexibility to choose a time that suits your schedule. While it’s likely that you’ll get to everything, remember that tour routes are subject to availability and may vary based on event days at the MCG.

Read our mcg tour review

We had a wonderful sunny day visiting the MCG. What a magnificent stadium.

Greeted very warmly by Greg our volunteer guide for the day. He was very informative and has been a member of the MCC obviously for a very long time.

Just seeing the vastness of the stadium, which has been on this site since 1853, was amazing. The ground staff (of which there are over 30) on the day were busy preparing sections of the ground.

There were also these incredible photosynthesis pink lights on the grounds, above the side that doesn’t get any sun, to keep the whole ground in perfect condition.

Going into areas that the general public doesn’t have access to was great to see. For example, the media area, change rooms, practice, and warm-up areas, seeing the bowels of the stadium that house car parks, roads where buses, ambulances, and other vehicles on game days are, and the cafeteria where the players on sports days eat (nothing flash).

– Diane

Read our mcg tour review
The MCG Tapestry, such an amazing, intricate piece of art

The part I enjoyed the most was seeing the History in Photos and the various stunning artworks on the walls in different places.

The others in our tour group were international visitors from India, they love their cricket and were very impressed, as we were. 

The tour was just over 80 minutes which was a perfect amount of time.

We then did a self-tour of the Australian Sports Museum where there was an incredible display and information of all sports and sports people in Australia. Very current and interactive. Well worth a visit.

– Diane

The iconic Bradman and Tendulkar portrait from our mcg tour review
The iconic Bradman and Tendulkar portrait from 1999

The Australian Sports Museum

After the MCG tour, we headed to the Australian Sports Museum, conveniently located within the MCG. This museum is a gold mine of memorabilia and interactive exhibits, making it perfect for visitors of all ages.

At the Game On exhibit, we tried our hand at virtual sports challenges, testing our skills in cricket, AFL, and even netball. Rob had a go at the cricket simulator, laughing as he missed a few catches. These hands-on experiences brought out the child in all of us.

One section of the museum is dedicated to celebrating Australia’s sporting legends. With cricket heroes like Sir Donald Bradman as well as modern stars, the exhibits showcase the best of Aussie sport. 

The Hall of Fame, with its lifelike statues and memorabilia, was particularly impressive. It’s a wonderful way to honour the achievements of these athletes.

For those interested in the history of sport, the museum offers an array of artefacts such as early cricket bats and Olympic medals.

I enjoyed the section on women in sport, highlighting their contributions and struggles for recognition. It’s a reminder of the progress made and the journey still ahead.

Admiring Cadel Evans bike, mcg tours and sports museum
Admiring the 2011 bike Cadel Evans rode to become the first Australian rider to win the prized Tour De France

Our Tidbits for MCG Tours and Sports Museum

  • MCG Tours run daily except on event days, so check the schedule in advance;
  • Tours depart regularly between 10 am and 3 pm from Gate 3;
  • Tours leave every 15 minutes. If you’re pressed for time, there is always another tour leaving and they are very accommodating;
  • Morning tours tend to be less crowded.  A good tip is to avoid booking your tour on the hour, as more people tend to book 10 am for example. Choose the 10.15 am or 10.45 am spot instead;
  • MCG Tour Tickets start from $44.95 with entry to Australian Sports Museum, book here;
  • Highly recommend doing both the MCG Tour and visiting the Australian Sports Museum;
  • Stop at The Paddock Cafe for coffee and a light lunch, located inside Gate 3, or for something heartier head to Hugh Trumble Cafe, near Gate 2.
  • Seniors card holders receive a 25% discount on MCG Tour tickets and entry to the Australian Sports Museum, at the concession fare;

MCG Accessibility

Accessible features include: ramps, lifts, accessible parking, mobility shuttle service, wheelchair loans, guide dog access, gender-neutral accessible bathrooms, parents’ rooms, companion support, hearing loops, and clear signage.

mcg tours and sports museum
Inside the Olympic Gallery at the Australian Sports Museum

Getting there

  • Richmond Station is a 10-minute walk to Gate 3 of the MCG, requiring a crossing at traffic lights and a walk through Yarra Park. 
  • Jolimont Station is a 5-minute walk downhill to Gate 3, with a similar route through Yarra Park. 
  • Additionally, the Jolimont Station/MCG Tram Stop on Wellington Parade is a 5-minute walk downhill to Gate 3. 
  • For those driving, car parking options include the Eastern Plaza Car Park on Olympic Boulevard (an 11-minute walk), limited street parking at Jolimont Terrace and Jolimont Street (5-minute walk to Gate 3), and Yarra Park car parking on select major event days.


Australian Sports Museum, Melbourne Cricket Ground
Yarra Park, Gate 3 Brunton Ave, 
East Melbourne VIC 3002
(03) 9657 8879

Enjoying a comfy outlook from the MCC Long Room
Enjoying a comfy outlook from the MCC Long Room

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