Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium photos

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium: Our Fin-tastic Experience

When planning our Melbourne outings, my parents and I were keen to include a visit to the colourful marine world at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. 

Nestled in the heart of the city, this aquarium is a must-visit especially if you have the kids with you. The layout is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring everyone can get around comfortably, and there are plenty of fun facts and fishy puns to enjoy along the way.

Yes, we’re gill-ty of having a fin-tastic time at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium!

sea life melbourne aquarium photos
Entering Night on the Reef, an incredible tunnel of sea life

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

At SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium you can explore an underwater world where stunning creatures from the depths of the ocean come to life before your eyes. When or where would you be able to see these spectacular creatures otherwise? 

We experienced giant tanks teeming with colourful fish, graceful sharks gliding overhead, and curious sea turtles paddling by. From the playful penguins to the transparent, squishy jellyfish, we enjoyed the diversity of exhibits.

At the Bay of Rays, it felt like delving beneath the surface of Port Phillip Bay and encountering graceful sea life, such as Fiddler rays and Port Jackson sharks. 

sea life melbourne aquarium photos
SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is home to King and Gentoo penguins

It’s been many years since I visited the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.  A train trip to Southern Cross, then as it was a nice day and feeling fit, we walked from the station to the Aquarium (which may not have been a good idea as there is quite a lot of walking to get around the Aquarium too… Might catch a tram next time!) 

The Aquarium itself is totally amazing.  It is so interesting to go from one display to another.  I really love the “tunnel” where the fish swim over your head and you can see right underneath the various fish, turtles, sharks, and stingrays.  So many amazing moments.  

I loved the sea horses.  Such a wonderful view of the 3 varieties, I got some awesome photos.  The jellyfish display was a spectacular sight.  And who can resist the very popular penguins? 

Visiting the Melbourne Aquarium on a weekday, not during school holidays, was good in that it wasn’t too crowded. We had the opportunity to take our time and really enjoy watching all the amazing life underwater!

As seniors, it was a wonderful excursion and I’m so glad Melbourne has this to offer.  It could be even more fun taking grandchildren next time. 

– Terrie

sea life melbourne aquarium photos
Did You Know: Fiddler Rays are also known as Banjo Sharks due to their shape

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

At the Tropical Display, you can marvel at unique Australian animals like lungfish, turtles, snakes, lizards, and frogs. At Seahorse Pier, we came right up close to the peculiar yet stunning seahorse and sea dragon species. 

Children can interact with marine life at the Discovery Rockpools, touch beautiful sea stars and shark eggs, and explore the Mangrove Nursery. The Interactive Wonder Room offers a digital installation inspired by underwater movement, allowing kids to colour in their own jellyfish and watch it float on interactive screens.

Then there’s Australia’s largest saltwater crocodile, Pinjarra, measuring almost 6 metres in length and weighing over 750kg. On our visit, Pinjarra barely made a move. Dad was cheeky enough to question whether or not the croc was real! *Eye roll*

However, every Wednesday at 11 am, you can see Pinjarra being fed. I’m sure that’d get him up from his peaceful (warranted) slumber!

sea life melbourne aquarium photos
Did You Know: A group of sea jellies is called a bloom or a smack!

“Immersion” seems to be a fairly popular buzz-word for attractions at the moment.

In my mind, the Melbourne Aquarium is the closest thing to a real immersion without actually getting wet and, if you think your grandkids will be interested in things piscatorial, the Aquarium is the place to go.

Set up so well for children, exciting, interactive and educational, the Aquarium brings all aspects of aquatic life up close.

The most exciting thing for an old fisherman like me was seeing wonder in the young people’s eyes as they watch the many different varieties of fish cruise by.

– Chris

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Tickets

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium offers a variety of ticket options. With online tickets starting at $37 per adult, guests can enjoy savings compared to on-the-day prices of $49.50 per adult. Seniors card holders receive a 20% discount.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, there are special encounters such as diving with sharks, interacting with penguins, private dining experiences, and behind-the-scenes tours. 

Additionally, guests can opt for an Annual Pass for unlimited access to not only SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium but also nine other top attractions with the Merlin Annual Pass. 

For those looking to give the gift of a memorable experience, gift vouchers for admission or unique encounters are also available. 

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sea life melbourne aquarium photos
Here we are trying to spot Nemo and Dory

Tidbits for Visiting SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

  • Open daily;
  • Seniors discount available with a saving of 20%;
  • Happy Hour Afternoon Saver – enter between 3 – 4 pm and save 30%;
  • An annual pass is great value if you plan on visiting a few times with the kids;
  • On busy days it can get crowded! The quietest time to visit is on a weekday after 2 pm;
  • Visit on a Wednesday at 11 am to see Pinjarra the crocodile being fed;
  • Seating is available on all floors;
  • The cafe onsite has a range of hot food, fresh made salads and drinks;
  • A gift shop is available upon exiting;
  • Accessible features include ramp access, a lift, and accessible toilets;
  • Getting there by train from either Southern Cross or Flinders Street Stations is approximately 750-metre walking distance;
  • Via tram: 70, 75 and 35;
  • Via bus: 216, 232, 235, 250, 302, 605.

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium
King St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: 1800 026 576 |

sea life melbourne aquarium photos
Did You Know: Stingrays have no bones! Their skeletons are made entirely of flexible cartilage instead.

The Seniors in Melbourne team visited as guests of SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. All views expressed in this article are the writer’s own.

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